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Utah Shakespeare Festival

During their 2021 season, I was the scenic artist for the Randall at Utah Shakespeare Festival. I was responsible for painting the shows Ragtime and Pirates of Penzance along with the charge, assistant charge, swing scenic artist, and Jr. painter. The season included plenty of carving, fabricating stone, wood, and mossy textures, and even a stenciled drop for Intimate Apparel in the Anes Studio Theatre. 

All positions listed below were the same for both Ragtime and Pirates of Penzance unless stated otherwise.

Scenic Designer: Jo Winiarski 

Charge Artist: Mark Jensen

Technical Director: Dan Giedeman

Lighting Designer: William C. Kirkham

Costume Design: Bill Black

Ragtime Director: Brian Vaughn

Pirates of Penzance Director: Cassie Abate

Intimate Apparel Scenic Designer: Stephen Jones

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